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Buying a Home or Condo in Boston

Purchasing a home or condo should be one of life's great joys. But finding and buying real estate in Boston can be a daunting and stressful process.

Joe’s strengths as a buyer-agent are based on 30+ years of experience and success. He is an ABR: Accredited Buyer Representative.

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30+ Years of Success


Buying a condo or home in Boston and inner suburbs. Joe Wolvek, Gibson Sotheby’s.  30+ years of great results, hundreds of happy buyers. Get assistance from an experienced ABR-certified Realtor. Search listings, buyer’s guide, and more.

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Why Work With Joe?

The seIler of pretty much every property you will see in Boston, whether it's a small condo, a brownstone home, a loft, or a luxury condominium, will be represented by an experienced, professional Boston Realtor. You should be, too. And Joe has over 30 years of success and expertise, helping hundreds of buyers purchase their new home or investment property.

We want to make sure that we are doing our best to avoid bidding wars, getting the best possible price and terms, and maximizing our chances of success. And we want to make sure that once we've secured the property that we are doing our best due diligence and avoiding the potential pitfalls that lead to the failure of so many transactions.

How We Get it Done

  • The home search process is organized, efficient, and effective. We become aware of and view properties in a timely manner.
  • During the search process you have a professional, non-pressured environment in which to make the proper decisions.
  • We target the right properties at the right time in order to maximize your chance of success.
  • Joe advocates for you as the buyer, and only you.
  • We use every advantage to secure the property for the best possible price and terms in what is currently a rather overheated environment.
  • We do comprehensive due diligence and handle all issues related to that condo or single family home to your advantage.
  • He does value analyses on properties you are interested in, so we understand their potential value range.
  • Preventing, preparing for, and handling any potential mortgage, home inspection, and other transaction issues.
  • Having the best possible "A-team" of lenders, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, and other proven professionals.
  • Managing your transaction, and seeing your purchase through to a happy conclusion.

A Boston Expert

Joe has over 30 years and hundreds of Boston real estate transactions of proven success representing condominium and home buyers of all ages, income levels, and types (first-timers, relocators, empty-nesters, etc). And he will not send you out into the fray with a "team member" (read: new agent). You will get Joe and only Joe.

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Local Knowledge

Joe knows all the Boston neighborhoods, he know the streets. He knows the housing inventory, the luxury condo developments, the not-so-luxury-condo buildings. Joe will make sure that you understand the location and association context for any properties you are considering.

Local Connections

It is also more important than ever to have the right team members for your transaction. Joe has access to the correct mortgage lenders for particular situations, the right home inspectors for different sorts of properties, the best real estate attorneys to use, the right contractors and vendors who do the best job for reasonable rates. These are people who are widely respected in the community.

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