Real Estate Buyer Agency in Boston, Massachusetts

"Joe worked for my wife and me as a buyer's agent, searching for a home in the Boston area. He had extensive knowledge of the area and was very capable in helping us identify our needs, narrow our search, and target the best properties for us. He spent a lot of time with us on our search and always made us feel like we were his only clients. We ended up buying a great home in a great location at an affordable price (in Boston, that's saying a lot!)." Andrew and Vesna G; Hired in 2008, 2012, and 2019

Buyer's Transaction guide 

What is Buyer Agency?



The seller is represented by an experienced Realtor.

You should be too.



You have a right to the best help available. Identifying and transacting real estate is a complex process with serious potential pitfalls at every level.

I have 30+ years of Boston real estate transaction experience. As an experienced, professional Realtor, I have a legal fiduciary obligation to guide you through this process to the best of my ability, and to always remember who I am working for: You. The buyer.




Comparison of Buyer agents and Listing agents in Boston MA


As a buyer agent, my legal and ethical fiduciary duties include:


As your buyer agent, I must obey your instructions, as long as they do not violate the law or NAR ethical guidelines.I can only offer you my advice;
The listing agent works only for the seller.


As your buyer agent, is my duty to advocate for you and you alone. It is my duty to help you find the correct home or condo for you, and not advocate for any other entity. It is my duty to negotiate in your best interest. The agent owes his/her allegiance to the client and only the client. This costs you nothing. The seller pays the commission.
The listing agent works for the seller and owes the seller their loyalty.

Reasonable Care/Due Diligence:

To employ my professional expertise to the best of my ability. I am responsible for discovery and investigation, where possible to be known, of all relevant facts, researching appropriate properties, and guiding the transaction to the price and terms most favorable to you.
The listing agent's duty lies only with the seller.


It is my fiduciary duty to provide to you all material facts known by me regarding the property, the seller's motivation, or any other matter relevant to a transaction or a potential transaction. 
The listing agent may possibly obfuscate or conceal facts.


As your buyer agent, I am prohibited from disclosing anything having to do with your motivation, business, financial or personal affairs, willingness to pay a particular price other than what you offered, or any other matter that you do not give me express permission to disclose.  This loyalty survives the transaction.
The listing agent must report to the seller anything they know about you, your motivation, etc.



NOTE: At your first meeting (either physical or electronic) where you discuss particular properties, the Commonwealth of MA requires by law that I present you with the Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee Relationship Disclosure. This is NOT A CONTRACT. It does not obligate you to me. It's purpose is to make you aware of the fiduciary relationship I have with you. As a buyer agent, you will find these duties below

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