Buyer Agency

Real Estate Buyer Agency in Boston

"Joe worked for my wife and me as a buyer's agent, searching for a home in the Boston area. He had extensive knowledge of the area and was very capable in helping us identify our needs, narrow our search, and target the best properties for us. He spent a lot of time with us on our search and always made us feel like we were his only clients. We ended up buying a great home in a great location at an affordable price (in Boston, that's saying a lot!)." Andrew and Vesna G; Hired in 2008, 2012, and 2019

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What is Buyer Agency?

This is the relationship formed between consumer and the real estate agent who represents him/her in a real estate transaction. This is called a fiduciary relationship. The buyer agent represents you and only you.

Here are just a few of the ways the buyer agent is legally obligated to you, the buyer:


As your buyer agent, is my duty to advocate for you and you alone. It is my duty to help you find the correct home or condo for you, and not advocate for any other entity. It is my duty to negotiate in your best interest. The agent owes his/her allegiance to the client and only the client. This costs you nothing. The seller pays the commission.


It is my duty to be diligent in helping you find the right home or condo; To be diligent in researching any available information that could be helpful in your search (from any source) and/or negotiations; To recommend properties that I believe you should be aware of. To be diligent in helping you manage the negotiation and transaction processes to a successful completion. To be diligent and proactive in assisting you with your own due diligence process on the property you are transacting; To be diligent in recommending the proper team members (i.e. attorneys, inspectors, etc.---see loyalty); To be diligent in informing you of any problems I might have become aware of or have found on my own, and helping, to the best of my ability, to solve them.


Why does buyer agency matter?

It matters because finding and transacting real estate in Boston or anywhere else, is a complex process with serious potential pitfalls at every level. An experienced, professional buyer agent has a legal fiduciary obligation to guide you through this process to the best of his or her ability, and to always remember who he or she is working for: You. And you have a right to the best help available.

Designated Buyer Agency:

This is a common occurrence. If I, as a Sotheby's agent show another Sotheby's agent's property, I will still owe you all the fiduciary obligations I otherwise would, as would the listing (seller's) agent, to his or her seller (including loyalty and confidentiality). This makes sense because, among other things, we are independent contractors.

Dual Agency:

This occurs when one agent has both the listing and the buyer client. In that case, confidentiality and accounting still apply, but the agent becomes more of a facilitator otherwise.

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