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Wellesley MA is one of the inner western suburbs of Boston. It is famed as the home of Wellesley College as well as Babson College, both of which are two of the town's biggest employers.

The primary mode of living here is single-family home, and has a very upscale, leafy, suburban feel. The commute from Wellesley to downtown Boston is relatively easy and quick using MBTA commuter rail. It's also doable by car, usually n about 45 minutes during rush hour.

According to Wikipedia, the town has the second greatest concentration of residents with advanced degrees in the country. The Wellesley public school system is very well regarded, especially Wellesley High School. Wellesley is 1st in the US in percentage of adults who hold at least one college degree.

Wellesley has a wide variety of shopping, from chic boutiques to large upscale national stores. Plenty of other services such as supermarkets, banking, etc. The biggest shopping area is the new" Linden Square"

Wellesley Attractions

Boston's historic Back Bay neighborhood is bordered on the North by the Charles River (separating Boston from Cambridge), with its lovely tree lined esplanade containing bike paths, foot paths, boathouses, as well as the famous Hatch Shell where the Boston Pops performs during the summer, and where Boston holds its renowned 4th of July festival.

On Back Bay's east is the Boston Public Garden with its famed Swan Boats, as well as the Boston Common. Beacon Hill adjoins it, and on the south is the beautiful South End neighborhood. To the West is Kenmore Square, location of Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox.

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