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Boston Real Estate: How Property Taxes Work

Boston property taxes#BostonCondos #BostonRealEstateIf you're buying a Boston condo or home for the first time, you may not be familiar with how property taxes work. Or if you're buying in the city after owning property in the burbs, you might be surprised to find that the tax rates vary from town to town.Do you know that the City of Boston offers a residential exemption to homeowners who occupy their condo or home as their primary residence? Homeowners must own and occupy their home on January 1 preceding the start of the fiscal year before being able to qualify for the residential exemption. Once you qualify, however, you can have a portion of your tax bill exempted from taxation.Here's more about the residential exemption from the City of Boston.Boston mortgage broker Philip Ganz has an article on his blog explaininghow often and how much you can expect your tax rate to change, as well as how the rate is determined.Read the Phil Ganz blog's4 Things to Know About Property Taxes.Do you planonrelocating to Boston? Are you thinking aboutwhere youd like to live in Boston?Ifyou have questions about the Boston real estate market, please get in touch!In my 24 years in the Boston real estate market, I have helped hundreds of people buyhomes and condominiums in Boston and its suburbs.I have made it a priority to develop anextensive knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, buildings, people, and the many issues involved in the local real estate market.You can reach me byphone at617-584-9790 or via email by clickingthe blue link below. Boston real estate 

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