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Boston's Millennium Tower Design Earns High Praise

Boston Millennium Tower #BostonRealEstate #BostonCondosThe Pulitzer prize winning architect critic Robert Campbell is always ready withcompelling and thought-provoking perspectives on architectural design. His latest Boston Globe piece about Boston's Millennium Tower is no exception.Payingclose attention tohow buildings interact with and contribute to street life, Campbell takes note of the tower's visual and physical permeability factor:

Millies designers are hipped on a concept they call permeability. A permeable building, they say, is one where you can see from the sidewalk deep into the interior. Instead of a display window, you look at actual people indoors, working or shopping or schmoozing. The rule at Millie is that whatever is happening inside, even four or five stories up, must be apparent from the street.

Construction of the tower, located in Downtown Crossing, is just about finished. As of July 23, fifteen new condo owners had moved in.I was able to visit one of the higher floors during construction, and I can tell you this 685 foot tower has the best possible views of Boston.The building has adramaticexterior as well, evenwhen viewed from somedistance. I say this having just viewed it heading northinto the city as the setting sun was reflected on its westernmost side. The effect is stunning.Millennium Tower's442 luxury condos begin on the 10th floor and go up to the 60th. The lowest five floors are retail space, and the floors just above them contain residential amenities such as a sports club, pool, kids' playroom, library, restaurant, and high-end lounging space.Read the Boston Globe's On Close Inspection, the Millennium Tower Stands Out.Here are somegraphics thatillustratehow the building is divided up.If you have questions or are interested in viewing Millennium Tower condos, or have any questions about buying or selling Boston real estate, please call meat 617-584-9790. Orsend me an email via the blue link below. I look forward to hearing from you. Boston real estate 

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