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Boston Real Estate: What You Should Know About Closing on Your New Home

Closing on your new home#BostonRealEstate #BostonCondosIf yourebuying your firstBoston condo orhome, or even if you're not a first time buyer but don't have a clear recollection of the process, you probablyhave questions about the closing.Canner Law, a Massachusetts real estate law firm, has a well-written andinformative blogwith a post that spells out the closing steps in detail.Heres an excerpt from their post, called "The Closing":

You are finally at the finish line and about to close on your new home or condominium unit. Naturally, you wonder "What are the final amount of funds to bring to closing and is there anything else I need to close?"If you are financing the transaction, the lender is required to provide you with a "Closing Disclosure" ("CD") at least three days prior to closing. The CD will provide the final amount of funds needed to close. If you have a cash purchase, the closing attorney will provide the "Settlement Statement" which will similarly provide the final amount of funds to bring to the closing table.You can bring the final funds by a certified bank check or send via a wire transfer.If bringing a certified bank check, it should be made payable to yourself. Moreover, your lender may "source" the funds, meaning the bank check must be drawn from a bank account "sourced" (i.e., approved) by the lender. Thus, you should confirm the bank account with the lender before obtaining the bank check.If wiring the proceeds, you should obtain the wiring instructions from the closing attorney in advance of the closing. If wiring from a brokerage account, you should send the wire two days in advance to allow for enough lead time. If wiring from an institutional bank account, you should give yourself one day lead time.Additionally, you should bring two forms of identification to the closing, including a valid driver's license with a photo. A passport is a good back-up form of identification. A social security card also is acceptable. Credit cards are not acceptable forms of identification.You should schedule the "final walk-through" with your realtor in advance of the closing. The actual closing takes approximately one hour.At closing, our office provides pens, water, and/ or coffee. We also will give you the important documents to take with you, and email you a copy of the signed closing package as an encrypted PDF file for your records.The listing agent or the sellers attorney typically provides the keys at closing.

You can see the article in its entirety at the Canner Law blog.

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