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Boston Real Estate: Purple Window Glass & Other Curiosities

Manganese oxide glass Beacon Hill#BostonRealEstate #BostonHomesIf you've strolled through Beacon Hill or Back Bay with even a minimum of interest in the old homes there, you've probably noticed anoccasional purple window pane.These purple panes from the mid 1800s didn't start out that way, but rather turned that color after they were installed. There's an article in Boston Magazine about this surprise change of color, due to a combination of sun exposure and too much manganese oxide in the glass.Read Boston Magazine's Why Some Boston Brownstones Have Purple Windows.Boston Magazine ran another interesting piece related to Boston homes. Its recent articleon the triple-decker house (also known as a three-family house) takes a look at five features common to these homes.Their popularity then, as now, was economically-driven owning one provided built-in sources of income.Read Boston Magazine's The Anatomy of a Three-Decker.Are you thinking about where to livein Boston?If you have questions about buying or selling homes in the Boston real estate market, please call me at617-584-9790, orsend me an email via the linkbelow. Boston real estate 

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