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The City of Boston's Rooftop, Patio, and Balcony Grilling Rules

Boston Rooftop Grilling RulesIt looks like we'll get a reprieve from all the rain this weekend. In fact, the forecast calls for warm temps and sunny skies.That makes thisa good time to revisit the City of Boston rules for rooftop, deck, and patio grilling. Here's what you need to know to stay safe and legal!We urban dwellers want to get the most out of our outdoor spaces while we have the opportunity. Dinner and drinks on your condo's deck, balcony or patio is one of the enjoyable things to do in summer months in the city. If you plan to cook on your outdoor space, however, you need to learnBostons fire safety rules.There are many excellent reasons you should familiarize with the rules, the first and foremost being the safety of you and your neighbors. But knowing the rules and playing by them also helpssafeguard your legal and financial liability.Below is a simplified listof the rules. Or you can see the regulations in full.Plumbed gas grills: These are permitted on the exterior of any building level. The gas line must be installed by a licensed plumber who has procured the required permits.Electric grills are permitted on the exterior of any building level. As with the gas grills, the line you are using has to be installed by a licensed electrician, and has to have a permit and be up to code.Charcoal grills are NOT permitted at all on or within a building structure, or on roof or rear decks. Regulations do not specify whether they are permissible on an outside patio, but the regulations highly discourage them, and you may be legally and financially liable for any damage or injury you cause from flying sparks, fumes, etc..Liquid propane (LP) grills: Permitted by the City of Boston except:

  • are not permitted inside the building.
  • are not permitted on balconies above the first floor of any building or structure used for habitation.
  • are not permitted on balconies or decks on any level that are covered or enclosed. This includes a first floor deck with a deck above it.

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