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Selling Your Boston Condo or Home: Factors that Determine Pricing

Pricing Boston condosBoston-area home prices per square foot currently span the gamut from $175 to $3,132, according to a new article by Curbed Boston. Curbed put together a chart to illustrate the ranges around the city, which includes some of Boston's surrounding suburbs.In some neighborhoods, the square foot price span is a lot larger than in others; Back Bay, for example, currently goes from $579 to $3,132 per square foot.Why such big differences?The factors that go into pricing a condo or single family home include the condition of a property, how good (or not) the common areas look, how well the home "shows," the condo association's financial condition, where on the block the home is located, what percentage of the building is owner-occupied, what improvements or repairs have been made, what repairs may be coming up, how much light there is, and what the parking options are.You've probably seen ads for instant home price workups in your Facebook feed. The problem with them is that they're based on algorithms that don't know any of those important specifics about your home. They also don't have that gut feeling that comes with 25 years of experience in the Boston residential real estate market.I believe thatpricing is one of the most critical decisions you can make regarding the sale of your home. Even in an active market, overpricing can have serious consequences. When I put a listing on the market, my objective is for everyone at the first open house to fear that the person next to them is going to buy it.I have been analyzing property values for more than two decades. I've also worked as an appraiser. Whether your property is in BostonsSouth End,Back Bay,Beacon Hill,South Boston,Waterfront,North End,oranyof the core downtown neighborhoods or surrounding communities, I am prepared to give you good advice on pricing.Learn what your Boston condo or home is worth.Read Curbed Boston's Boston-area Home Prices in Early October Range from $175-$3,132 a Foot.In my 25 years in the Boston real estate market, it's been my priority to develop anextensive knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, buildings, people, and the many issues involved in the local real estate market.Doyou have questions about buying or selling Boston real estate?Please call me at617-584-9790, or email me by clicking the blue button below. Boston real estate 

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