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Boston Homeowners: How to Get Your Residential Real Estate Tax Exemption

Want $3,153? It's yours! If...if you're a Boston homeowner and you purchased your home this year prior to July 1st, you can qualify for a residential real estate tax exemption! This will take the above stated dollar amount off of your taxes for the year. Not bad, huh?

All you've got to do is go to here: How to file for residential tax exemption. There are directions on that page. You need to file your application by April 1. Also, if you like, you can phone 617-635-4287 to speak to a human. When I called, they actually picked, up, much to my surprise, and they were very helpful!

If, like me, you bought your home after July 1st, the city will (they say) send you an application around the end of August. Your taxes will reflect the exemption beginnning January 1, 2022. Not just that, but they will (they say) mail you a refund for the period between September 1, 2021 and the end of the year. Not too bad, right?

If you have questions, call the above number. You could call me, but they will be much more helpful with this particular thing. I, however, will be extremely helpful if you call me to help you list your property or buy a new one.