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Match Day for Medical Residents in Boston 2023

If you're a medical resident and have been matched (or are hopefully about to be matched!) to a Boston hospital for 2023, first things first...Congratulations!

Boston is a wonderful city and you will love living here (when you actually have some free time!). But first coming into town and navigating the trials and tribulations of learning the relevent neighborhoods and finding a place to buy is somewhat daunting. 

I am a real estate agent with Gibson Sotheby's and I have been helping residents and other folks in the medical professions for many years. I am an accredited ABR and DRS Agent. I understand the specific needs of people in your position with regard to financing, timing, and just getting a grip on a new city.

Just to start off, here's a quick short list of hospitals with links to all the available condos for sale in their general area.

When we start working together, I can curate a more specific list to fit your needs.

Also, please see my Physician's Loan page as well as my page detailing the purchasing process here in Boston.

Please get in touch! Happy to help!