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Qualify for Investment Property Mortgages on the Basis of Cash Flow

Qualify for an investment mortage on cash-flow.

We want to take a moment to introduce you to Cross-County Mortgage's Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio (DSCR) program and share a recent success story involving some of their clients. CCM is a preferred lending partner of mine. This program is for investment properties only and allows borrowers to qualify based on the cash-flow of the property. Several of the DSCR highlights are below. 

  • The borrower's employment and income is not verified or documented. In other words, we don't need paystubs, tax returns, etc, even if they are self-employed or own other properties.
  • Previous landlord experience is not required if certain conditions are met, including current ownership of their primary residence.
  • DSCR can be as low as 75% in some situations. For example, for qualified individuals, if the monthly housing payment on the subject property is $1,000, the rent could be as low as $750.
  • Interest only option available, which can help reduce the monthly cost and potentially increase borrowing power.
  • Gift funds are allowed after a 10% contribution from the borrower's own funds.

Success Story 

CCM recently worked with buyers who were under contract to purchase an investment property but had just started a new business, so they were lacking a two year history of self-employment and tax returns. They wouldn't have qualified under most traditional loan programs given these circumstances. However, we were able to approve and close their loan using our DSCR program!

This is another example of The Joe Smith Team finding a way to make a deal work. In this market, it is more important than ever to align yourself with a team that has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you and your customers close more transactions on time and without issues!

As always, don't hesitate to call/email them with any questions about this or any other of their amazing portfolio of products! And please tell them that Joe Wolvek sent you...:)

-The Joe Smith Team/Joe Smith
Branch Manager / SVP
M 617-308-3337
D 617-236-1555


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