Boston Real Estate Market

November Outlook in Boston Real Estate

Surprise! You can find November daisies amidst the fall color on Commonwealth Avenue in the Back Bay!

The fall Boston real estate market continues to be very active, with median prices holding steady. Buyer competition on many areas is still intense. How can you as a seller give yourself the opportunity to sell above asking price with a low number of days on market? (Hint: It isnt about baking cookies for the open house) Read more.


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    Achieving Real Estate Dreams is What I Love to Do

    In my three decades working in Boston real estate, I've helped hundreds of clients sell homes and investment properties. I help my clients meet and exceed their real estate goals while minimizing the stress that can come with the process.

    For my seller clients, selling your Boston condo or home is my number one business priority. This is what I do and what I love. My strength is in maximizing demand for your property, as well as in negotiation and transaction management. I can also give you good advice on pricing. Here's how I approach pricing a Boston home or condo for sale. My goal is to help you maximize your chances of a best-price, best-terms, best-timeline real estate sale.

    Here are some of my recent listings and sales.

    For my buyer clients, I honor my duty to advocate for you and you alone, to help you find the correct home or condo for you, and not advocate for any other entity. Here are some of the ways a buyer agent is legally obligated to you, the buyer.

    I'd love to help you achieve your real estate dreams. The first thing I do is have a preliminary consultation with you in order to form an action plan according to your needs. Please get in touch so we can begin!

    Here are some endorsements of my real estate services.

    You can call me at 617-584-9790, or email





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      Dog Days of Summer Boston Real Estate Report

      The Boston residential real estate market has slowed a bit as it usually does at this time of year, during what we think of as the dog days of summer.  That having been said, market activity is very good for August in the downtown neighborhoods as well as the inner suburban markets. You can expect the rate of inventory entering the market to be slow until mid September, though.

      Here are the full market reports for all Boston neighborhoods and inner suburbs.

      For a little fun, here are the priciest listings in the Boston area.

      Heres how I can help you maximize your chances of a best-price, best-terms, best timeline real estate sale!

      If you have questions about buying or selling homes in Boston or beyond, please get in touch! You can call me at 617-584-9790, or email


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        Are All Realtors the Same?

        It's springtime! The crocuses are popping up, the weather is warming up, and the Boston real estate market is on fire.

        If you've been thinking of selling your property, this is a great time to do it. We are entering the busiest period of the year, in the busiest year we've seen in a while.

        So I know you've been thinking, "Aren't all Realtors the same?" and maybe even, "What, exactly, am I paying this guy for?" Don't deny it. I know you have.

        So what do I do, exactly? This is what I do.

        And here are a bunch of endorsements. People like me! They really do!

        I have 29+ years of success and hundreds of transactions and happy clients. The great majority of my listings in the last five years have gone under agreement in under a week, at or above asking price. Please get in touch!

        Increased Sales & Inventory in Downtown Boston Real Estate Market

        We're seeing an increase in residential sales activity in the core downtown Boston market right now. Year to date as of February 21, the number of properties going under agreement is nearly 16% higher than in 2020.Reasons for the increase in sales could include pent-up demand, low interest rates, and the increase in inventory (leading to more choice and less competition for properties you might make an offer on).As of mid-February, downtown Boston inventory of condos and single family homes combined is 37.26% above last year at this time. The chart below, from my latest Boston real estate market report, illustrates the rising inventory in recent years. The current availability of downtown Boston condos and homes is the highest it's been since 2011. Downtown Boston real estate market Higher inventory may be due in part to people who were going to put their properties on market in the spring of 2020 and postponed it until now. And some of the current sellers may be part of the uptick in number of people making a move from downtown to the suburbs.For more details on the downtown market, here's my latest report.If youhavequestions about buying or selling Boston real estate, please call me at617-584-9790, or send me an email via the link below. Boston real estate 

        Boston Real Estate Growth and Development

        Boston real estate#BostonRedevelopment #BostonRealEstateWhether you're thinking of relocating to Boston or you already live here, there'sprobably something you don't yet know about the city's growth.Here are some recent local articles and lists to fill you in onthe city's more recent history,redevelopment, and real estate market.What 11 member group of architects helped to shape the Boston skyline? Read Curbed Boston's Five Big Post-World War II Changes That Shaped Modern Boston.Which Boston parkland will reach from Dorchester to East Boston by the time it's finished? What is the "experimental event landscape" that just opened last year? Read Curbed Boston's Boston's New Parks: Then and Now.Which Boston neighborhoods had the highest 5 year increase in condo prices from 2010-2015? Which one saw a 99% increase? Read the Boston Globe's These Boston Neighborhoods Have Soaring Condo Prices.How desirable is Boston to international real estate investors? Read Boston Agent Magazine's Boston Among Top Five Housing Markets for International Buyers.If you're looking for a truly walkable city with easy access to public transit, services, and amenities, Boston has a score of81 in walkability. Read WalkScore's Cities & Neighborhoods report.Are you planning onrelocating to Boston? Are you wondering where you'd like to live in Boston?Ifyou have questions about the Boston real estate market, please get in touch!In my 24 years in the Boston real estate market, I have helped hundreds of people buyhomes and condominiums in Boston and its suburbs.I have made it a priority to develop anextensive knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, buildings, people, and the many issues involved in the local real estate market. I would love to hear from you.You can reach me byphone at617-584-9790 or via email by clickingthe blue link below. Boston real estate 

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        Boston Real Estate: What is Your Boston Home or Condo Worth?

        Boston Home PricesWhen I make an analysis of how best to price a property, I first look at any relevant sold, pending, and available homes. These are what is known as "comparables."This process takes into consideration much more than square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or neighborhood.It also looks at what type of building the unit is in, where in the building it is placed, what type of renovations if any have been done, the amount of light, views, ceiling height, parking availability, the behavior of the current market, and more.In the past 12 months, my listings have sold for an average of 103.5% of their asking price, with an 8 average/4 median days on market until an offer was accepted.When listing your Boston home or condo for sale, the most important decision you make is how to price it.Even in this current active market, overpricing your property has serious consequences. Your home will attract the most motivated buyers out there right when it comes on the market. If it's priced too high, you won't get those serious buyers in tosee it.I have been making these analyses for more than two decades. Whether your property is located in Boston's South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South Boston, Waterfront,North End,or any of the core downtown neighborhoods or surrounding communities, I can give you good advice on pricing.What is your property worth?Doyou have questions about buying or selling Boston real estate?In my 24+ years in the Boston real estate market, I've made it my priority to develop anextensive knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, buildings, people, and the many issues involved in the local real estate market.Please call me at617-584-9790, or email me by clicking the blue button below. Boston real estate 

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        Boston real estate market update

        Boston real estate marketWe are now seeing a somewhat higher level of condo and home inventory in the Boston real estate market on a continuing basis. We have about a 37% increase in inventory over last year at this time, although it is still low, historically speaking. Median prices are continuing to climb.Once again, a little less competition to purchase, but still a really good time to be a seller.My listings have sold for an average 103.5% of asking in 8 days average/4 days median in the last 12 months. Please either get in touch or just click the buttons report buttonPrice your property  

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